Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's about time!

For years now, I've lived a double life. During the daylight hours, I'm the corporate techy type with my business suits and technical jargon & tools. However, under the cover of darkness, I'm a gym genius (notice I didn't say gym rat or gym junky) with my coordinated workout clothes & shoes, pushing myself (and others) to the limit. Well, it's about time I put my two "talents" together. So, here it is, my first blog!!! My goal is to share fitness and nutrition tips with all who will listen. I hope you enjoy it. If not, please let me know. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Also, feel free to send questions or topics you might want me to cover. Peace & Radiant Health, Donna PS...Thanx Tawana (FitChickie) for the inspiration.


  1. Girrrrl, it's about time! lol :) Congrats! Share what you will-I am in full SPONGE mode-ready to soak up whatever knowledge I can!

  2. Well, you've shared and do share some fitness tips with me enough when you come your locks done. I truly appreciate all that you do and share, but, like you've said in your blog here, IT'S ABOUT TIME I get off my black butt and take heed to those things you've shared, girl! Um am! Um am gon' do some of those things! :)

  3. Hi Donna! Congratulations! You continue to bless other people with your knowledge and inspiration. Isn't it ironic that our second job(Hustle) always ends up being our calling. I love the blog and I will be a contributor as much as I can. I'm sure your topics will generate lots of conversation. I recently took on a similiar challenge, I started a blog about little league baseball (which is my calling and you know I'm passionate about it). The blog is called Check it out and give me your feedback.

    You continue to inspire me, thanks for everything!